Jack and Jimer DeVries
Jack and Jimer DeVries
Corporate Showroom - Atlanta, GA

Company Information


In early 2002, Annaleece by DeVries became one of the first fashion jewelry wholesalers to enter the Gift Industry. Annaleece started as an offspring of Swan Seekers Network, a retired Swarovski® crystal brokerage company owned by Jimer DeVries.


With Jimer’s fine jewelry and Swarovski® crystal background and her husband, Jack’s business expertise; Annaleece's High Quality Fashion Jewelry Line made with crystals from Swarovski® emerged.

Today, Annaleece consistently ranks among the top fashion jewelry manufacturers in the Gift Industry. With a pleasant and productive staff, Annaleece is able to meet customer needs efficiently and professionally. Annaleece’s timeless yet fashionable designs, quarterly new releases and specials keep the line consistent with current fashion while offering diversity in style, materials and price point.

If you are a retail store and would like more information about our products, you can visit our Wholesale Information Page, Request a Wholesale Catalog or visit us at an upcoming Trade Show near you.

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